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Dog Shows 2010

DUO CACIB BRNO 6.-7.2.2010

Vloženo: 8.4.2010 | Přečteno: 264x


The first shows that we participated in this year were two greatest international shows organized by ČMKU at the BVV (Trade Fairs Brno). Trade Fairs Brno arranges these shows in three exhibition halls to offer enough room despite of the great amount of participants. The exhibition rings are fully covered with carpet what is highly appreciated by handlers and dogs, as well. So far we have already had one CAC for the Czech Republic Champion from the previous year we applied for both exhibitions hoping to gain another CAC to achieve the Czech Champion title.

The Saturday judge was Mrs. Danielle Letroye-Latin from Belgium. She judged Irish setters and other pointers breeds. She was punctilious and precise, touching and measuring anatomic physique of the presented dogs. She lowered the evaluation every time there was something not perfect enough. Indian is going to be handled by my daughter Lenka during this season and on Saturday it was their first exhibition. I was very curios about the results. After few problems at the beginning during standing, that according to the judge’s comments was not ready in time, Lenka and Indy showed in the excellent movement on the high level. But it still was not enough and we achieved V2, res CAC. Despite this result it was outstanding for their difficult first common public display.

Sunday was more successful for us, when Mr. Pokorný, the Czech judge of setting-dogs and Irish setters, judged Indian. Mr. Pokorný is punctilious, but inscrutable as well.  Strong competition Lucky Luke from Polish breeding station Irish Melody was present, but Indy was after perfect show mainly in movement reworded with V1, CAC. This victory was the last condition for The Czech Beauty Champion title achievement.

Complete results and photos could be found here.


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